The New Wave Reading Program is our take on an incentive-based reading program. Instead of limiting a reader to their library’s selection, we accept ALL forms of publications (i.e., books, eBooks, magazines, comic books, cook books, etc.) on any subject. 


The New Wave reading program is for elementary-aged children, specifically with elementary schools in the Atlanta area for 2023 after wrapping up our partnership with KIPP Columbus. However, if you would like your school or students to participate in the program, get in contact here.


The Reading Program started and is in partnership with KIPP. Students write a summary about what they read and they earn credit for it.

Investing in Education


In partnership with Kipp Schools, Stephen Weatherly’s Reading Program launched in 2019 as a collaborative effort to accelerate literacy outcomes with over 500 students at KIPP Minnesota schools in North Minneapolis through rewards and incentives, targeted materials, and regular inspiration from Stephen Weatherly.

The goals of the Reading Program include:
–  To inspire and motivate literacy outcomes with 500+ students
–  To generate awareness of the role literacy plays in academic outcomes
–  To generate awareness of the achievement gap

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